Loop Open Class

Loop Open Class is held via Zoom online during COVID-19 at every Wednesday at 6:30pm – 7:30pm.
This class is run by Hayley, please see email info@loopdancecompany.co.uk for more info. £3.50 per class pay as you dance. Just £3.00 for students!

Dance Artist Support Programme

During this one year programme, graduates and early career dancers will perform alongside Loop professionals, gain teaching experience, organise projects and gain the skills needed to become a professional dance artist. Join an open evening via Zoom on 27th May or 3rd June 2020. To book, email info@loopdancecompany.co.uk
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Hanging Heavy

Do we feel dance as well as see it? In a time of running to keep up with life how can we experience the present?
‘Hanging Heavy’ is an immersive dance experiment, in collaboration with BEAM lab at The University of Manchester. Audience groups will be tested looking at the visceral impact of the piece. The work will evolve through the feedback garnered creating an immersive experience with a punch, backed up by science.
Do you want to be part of the experiment?
Please contact us for workshop opportunities and watch this space for more performance dates.