lottery_logo_black-rgbThe collective have been working with Loop’s Artistic Director, Nina Atkinson on a new research project called Exploring Somatic Sensation – A project supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts funding.

Check out the Hanging Heavy film here

Exploring Somatic Sensation is a practice initiated research project investigating Kinaesthetic Empathy, how audiences react to live performance (focusing on immersive and intimate work).

Do we feel dance as well as see it?  In a time of running to keep up with life how can we experience the present?

‘Hanging Heavy’  is an immersive dance experiment, in collaboration with BEAM lab at The University of Manchester.  Audience groups will be tested looking at the visceral impact of the piece. The work will evolve through the feedback garnered creating an immersive experience with a punch, backed up by science.

Do you want to be part of the experiment? 

Watch this space for upcoming performances!