30 Years of Loop Dance


30th Anniversary Celebration

February 2023 saw the third decade of Loop – how incredible is that!

Through the determination and passion of Nina Atkinson, she has guided, educated and inspired thousands of dancers, and homed the Loop Collective within her artistic vision. She is credited for giving dancers their dream careers in dance, and is appreciated around for how she has created a kind space in dance.

To celebrate this monumentus anniversary, friends and collegues came together to move, laugh, cry, and eat cake! Of course, a Loop party is not complete without a hilarious video performed by the OG Loopies. Yes, it did include Repertiore from before performed in bathtubs and hallways.

Be a part of the archive, send your memories, thoughts and pictures of your time with Loop and Nina – email Becca at communcations@loopdancecompany.co.uk. 2023 is the year to celebrate.

“So many happy memories! So many crazy projects, joyful moving and so many inspirational people over three decades. Feeling blessed doesn’t come close to explaining how I feel.” Nina Atkinson, Loop Dance Company Founder and Artistic Director, circa 1992.

Photography: Alice Underwood