Dance and Literacy

The aim of these projects is to improve and extend the literacy and dance/movement skills of primary and secondary school students, encouraging them to engage positively with words and language by thinking on their feet and exploring text physically, as well as helping to develop their confidence and imagination. Opportunities are built in for teachers to further develop this work in literacy lessons and across the curriculum including other subjects such as History and Geography.

“The project exceeded my expectations… the social and expressive elements also had a huge impact. As a team we thoroughly embraced the project” (Miers Court Primary School teacher)

Loop Dance Company have collaborated with Medway Council Arts Team and Medway Council Literacy Advisory Panel to deliver three successful dance and literacy projects:

The Adventures of Abdi (January – March 2007)
Exploring The Adventures of Abdi by Madonna through dance, with children from three primary schools in Medway.
Funded by Medway Council and the Ernest Cook Trust.
War Poetry (January – March 2006)
A dance and war poetry project engaging young men aged 13 and 14 at New Brompton College.
Funded by Medway Council.
The Jabberwocky (January – March 2005)
Studying Lewis Carol’s poem through dance, with children aged from three primary schools in Medway.
Funded by Medway Council.